RRI Horizon 2020 calls for proposals and innovation ideas will find home in Vienna from the 4th to the 6th of December

 Many researchers and experts in innovation, RRI Horizon 2020 calls for proposals and innovative ideas surely know that nowadays research, development and innovation must be framed in a context directly connected to everyday reality, keeping in mind the preservation of the future. In short, innovation cannot be developed without careful consideration of the impact that it has on the environment and society, a wider perspective can be found in the dedicated thematic portal.

It is an approach widely present in the European framework, in fact the European Union horizon 2020 provides different instruments to encourage RRI in the academic and industrial sectors. In a word, many of Horizon 2020 calls for proposals require Responsible Research and Innovation RRI as the main feature, if not main aim, of the potential projects.

The meaning of RRI Horizon 2020 calls for proposals and innovation ideas

What does RRI mean in practice? The social actors must be involved in the innovation process from the birth of innovation ideas until the moment they become innovation products, the rate of innovation will, therefore, be congruent to its ability to impact positively the surrounding environment (which may also mean reducing the unavoidable negative impacts)

Given these premises, useful more for newcomers than for insiders, we strongly suggest an event held in Vienna. The occasion is the ICT 2018, an event of research and innovation that is part of the Digital Single Market initiatives. For those of you who are just a stone's throw from Vienna and can participate between 4th and 6th December, we have a special event to recommend:

On 6 December in Room L6 from 9.00 AM CET, there will be a networking session in which there will be the opportunity to probe the innovation rate of European industry, first of all, to understand what innovation is and to compare new innovations in technology. We will talk about Responsible Innovation in Sustainable Industrial Ecosystems. "The process innovation in Industry i4.0 " will be discussed in depth with peers and experts bringing innovation ideas to a broader public, registration is required.